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Octave Band Filters

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  • Engineering Control Studies

  • Hearing Protection Evaluation

  • Audiometric Test Booth Background Noise Evaluation

  • Machine Performance Analysis

  • Product Testing

  • Research & Development

  • Maintenance Inspections

     *Quest offers three octave band filter sets. All of these lightweight filters adapt easily to the mod-ular design of the entire Advanced Series of meters. The OB-300 combination 1/3 & 1/1 Octave Band Filter Set gives you a choice of measuring 33 one-third-octave bands of 11 standard full octave bands.

    The OB-300 will manually or automatically sequence through each octave of third octave band and display the measured level on the sound level meter. The OB-100 is identical to the OB-300 except that measurements are made in full octave bands only. The OB-50 provides nine ocatave bands from 31.5 Hz to 8 Khz and will manually sequence through each frequency

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